Student Testimonies

Garner McGregor, Class of 2013
Worship Leader, Harvest Church , Murfreesboro, Tennessee

“Before coming to The Revival Training Center I was a ‘song leader’ who just sang pretty songs. Now I'm the Worship Leader at Harvest Church in Tennessee. The Revival Network and Bible Training Center gave me insight into the importance of worship and honoring God as well as equipping me to bring the ‘Real’ Jesus that the world desperately needs.”


Cliff Pash, Class of 2001
Director/Founder, Advancing the Kingdom Ministries

Cliff, with his wife Julie, minister in 100% Islamic villages in Eastern Uganda, Africa with a desire to see whole communities transformed to Christianity. Their ministry is marked by healings and powerful conversions to Christ Jesus.

Advancing the Kingdom Ministries has exploded with growth as they meet the spiritual needs of Uganda and other nations they’ve been called to. Aspects of their ministry include planting churches, ATK Bible Colleges, ATK Children’s Home, and Project Lydia, which helps local widows and abandoned women overcome adversity and thrive in every area of their lives.
Cliff received his Masters of Divinity at The Revival Training Center and went on to receive his Doctorate from Faith Bible College.


Bill and Linda Campbell, Class of 2001
Founders/Pastors, Prepare the Way Ministry

After graduating and receiving ordination from The Revival Training Center, Bill and Linda Campbell founded Prepare the Way Ministries in response to a burning desire to see the nations of the world come to Jesus.
Their ministry encompasses training and equipping pastors and leaders and includes rescuing and caring for children as they pastor the people of Eastern Africa. Hearts and lives are being changed as people receive hope and experience the transforming power of God through these anointed TRTC graduates!


Aaron Lage, Class of 2008
Student Pastor, The Revival Training Center

“There are plenty of schools out there that fill you with head knowledge. I found that the teachers at The Revival Training Center didn’t tell me ‘what’ to think – they showed me ‘how’ to think. Because of this, and everything else imparted to me, I feel more fully equipped to step into my calling.”



“It’s amazing to see where I was to where I am now!! And I give it all to God! I love The Revival Training Center. This place has radically changed my life!!”

Breanna S, 1st year student

“This school will help you fan into flame the callings and gifts of God in your life and teach you how to fan into flame the gifts and callings of God in other people’s lives as well! I'm ready for another life changing quarter at this school! Yah God!”

Dustin S, 3rd year student

“3 years ago when I made the decision to enroll at The Revival Training Center, it was because I knew God was telling me to step out in faith and do it… If I could go back 3 years, I would make the same decision all over again.

“Not only have I had more Godly character, stability, and confidence built in me, but I've gained a deeper understanding of Scripture and grown closer to God which is the most valuable thing to me. I've also had opportunities to serve, teach, preach, lead worship and do things that I never would have thought I'd be able to do! I've been surrounded by the most amazing friends and have learned so much from all of my pastors and teachers… I know there are great things in store ahead!”

Jenni C, graduate, Bachelor’s Degree of Ministerial Studies

“FOUR MORE WEEKS until I receive my Bachelor's Degree from The Revival Training Center. Who woulda thought? ‘Nathan’ with any degree wouldn't have matched 5 years ago…. but if I can, anybody can.”

Nathan S, graduate, Bachelor’s Degree of Ministerial Studies

“Thank you, Lord for a place like this! I don’t even want to know what my life would be without it [The Revival Training Center]. I’ve only been here a year a half and the teaching I have been getting is more teaching than the 22 years of my life before this place. So grateful!”

Amanda W, 2nd year student

A parent shares…
“Meet Lisa, our middle daughter. Three years ago she came to World Revival Church broken down, sick, confused, desperate. As her parents, we were desperate too. We saw her getting worse, not better, despite trying everything we knew to do. Now, in just a couple of weeks, she will graduating from The Revival Training Center with a Bachelor of Ministerial Studies, completely and radically changed!”

“There are no words to adequately express our gratitude to the Father, to Pastor Steve and Kathy Gray, to our family at WRC, and to all those who stood with us over the years. What an incredible miracle we have witnessed over the last three years!”

Craig D, parent of a graduate

“Being at The Revival Training Center, I have become someone with great passion for God – and have really found who I am in Christ. This place has changed my life and I know it will change your life as well. Come visit… I know you will not be the same!”

Breanna S, 3rd year graduate
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