Spiritual Community

Students flourish in the spiritual atmosphere at The Revival Training Center. Many experience a new-found hunger and love for God as they are challenged to pursue him in deeper ways through their classes, chapel, worship and prayer times.

Unless they are members of another local church prior to enrollment, students are expected to be active participants of World Revival Church. Pastored by TRTC founder and president, Steve Gray, and co-pastored by his wife Kathy Gray, World Revival Church is known worldwide as a place where God moves powerfully and lives are changed dramatically.

The messages and ministry of Pastors Steve and Kathy Gray, along with the dynamics of participating in the local congregation of World Revival Church are main components to the rich spiritual community students enjoy at The Revival Training Center.

Student Code of Commitment

I commit to love the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind and strength. I will daily seek His face, demonstrating a passion for the fire of His presence.

I commit to pursue academic excellence and integrity, using my mind for the glory of God.

I commit to loving my neighbor as myself. I will respect and value diversity in the body of Christ and will demonstrate compassion toward others.

I commit to behave in a manner consistent with the teachings of scripture and with that of a ministerial professional.

I commit to abstain from the possession and use of alcoholic beverages, drugs and tobacco.

I commit to abstain from and participating in immoral behavior.

I commit to abide by the standard set forth by regarding dress code and attendance policies, including required attendance at all WRC services.

I commit to keep the Code of Commitment carefully and prayerfully, realizing that my attendance at TRTC is a privilege and not a right. I acknowledge the school’s right to require a student’s withdrawal at any time such action is deemed necessary to uphold the school’s spiritual, academic and moral excellence.

I commit to support the policies and vision of World Revival Church and the pastoral staff.

I understand that upon signing this document it becomes legally binding as long as I am a student of The Revival Network and Bible Training Center

Upon enrollment, students are required to commit and agree to the Student Code of Commitment.)