World Revival School of Ministry Publishes Winter Quarter Classes

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

Here are the new classes offered this quarter along with a description of what the subject of each class will teach. We're excited and know our students will grow a lot. If you are interested, contact us and see if you can get involved in online courses! 


First Year Courses
Old Testament Survey Lisa Demeo Tue, Thu - 9AM
Holy Spirit Ministry Kathy Gray Tue, Thu - 10:00AM
Life and People Skills Jack Walter Wed, Fri - 9AM
Theology of Luke Steve Gray Wed, Fri - 10:00AM
Second/Third Year Courses
Book of Acts Mark Pederson Tue, Thu - 9AM
Practical Church Ministry James Koppang Tue, Thu - 10:00AM
Five Fold Ministry J.D. King Wed, Fri - 9AM
How To Minister Healing Aaron Lage Wed, Fri - 10:00AM
  School of Worship Courses  
David's Tabernacle                    Kathy Gray Tue, Thu - 11AM
Arts Through Church History Eric Thomason Wed, Fri - 11AM


Course Descriptions
Wondering what classes will be like? Here’s a quick glimpse of what you’ll get to learn!

New and 1st Year Classes

THEOLOGY OF LUKE – Pastor Steve Gray
This class examines the background, teaching and application of Jesus’ ministry depicted in Luke’s account of the Gospels. In addition to textual examination, a special emphasis will be placed upon the “Kingdom of God” and Jesus as a revival model.

This course examines Biblically the person, ministry, and anointing of the Holy Spirit and His role in restoration and revival of the church today. Full of opportunity for impartation, you’ll learn how to allow the Holy Spirit to live and work in your life!

This course seeks to develop students and prepare them for practical aspects of life such as maintaining a budget, preparing a resume and managing time. It will also help them develop good people skills by showing proper etiquette, how to interact socially and how to deal with their own attitudes.

A Biblical study of God’s revelation of Himself and His redemptive plan for man, beginning with the first redemptive promise to Adam and Eve, then proceeding through the whole of the Old Testament.
Worship Classes

DAVID’S TABERNACLE – Pastor Kathy Gray
This course will study the significance of David's life story and the presence of God as experienced in David's tabernacle. It will examine the many facets of worship, the divine order of worship and theological truths found in the tabernacle of David.

ARTS THROUGH CHURCH HISTORY – Pastor Eric Thomason We will study our roots in music history and where worship for the church came from. We will examine the Davidic psalms and hymns on up to our current forms of worship expression and the different instruments that have been used through the ages to connect people to God.

2nd and 3rd Year Classes

BOOK OF ACTS – Pastor Mark Pederson
A study on the work of the Holy Spirit through the people of God, from the birth of the church at Pentecost to the spread of the gospel to the ends of the earth. Special notice will be given to the application Holy Spirit power in each believer for the growth of the Kingdom of God for today.

A survey of the principles and foundation of church leadership and management along with a sample of the different ministries represented at World Revival Church.

FIVE-FOLD MINISTRY – Pastor Aaron Lage
A biblical study of the Ephesians 4:11 ministries of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher. The study of these biblical ministry gifts to the church encompasses their individual characteristics, abilities, responsibilities, and how they relate to each other and to the local church today.

Taking students on a unique journey of praxis, this class will enable each of them to effectively operate in diverse expressions of healing. Students will be giving the opportunity to not just learn about healing but to go out and speak the Words, do the works and see the wonders of the Kingdom.