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Doctrines of the Bible by J.D. King

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This insightful nine-part audio series explores the basic foundations of Christianity.  You will not only learn about creation, fall, salvation, and the Kingdom of God, you will get a clearer picture of the mission of the Church. Whether you are a leader or a lay worker, you will find great value in this in-depth series. This set includes a bonus disc with five conversations in an mp3 format.  This will enable you to go even deeper in your study.

Theology, Bible, Interpretation, Discipleship, Personal Development, Curriculum

  1. Introduction – J.D. King
  2. God – J.D. King
  3. Creation – J.D. King
  4. Fall – J.D. King
  5. Covenant – J.D. King
  6. Redemption – J.D. King
  7. Community – J.D. King
  8. Restoration – J.D. King
  9. Culmination – J.D. King
  10. 5 Bonus Conversations


*The CD Set includes CDs only.

**The DVD Set includes DVDs and manual.

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