Biblical Customs and Culture - CD Set (5) and DVD Set (5)

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Go deeper in your walk with God and gain a better understanding of the Bible! In this insightful five-disc training series, you will peer into the fascinating world of Scripture with Steve Gray and his leadership team. They will take you on a journey through some of the rarely discussed practices and beliefs of early Mediterranean society. Topics include: Honor And Shame; Group Identity; Patron and Client Relationship; What Grace Meant to Paul; and more. This series will provide tools and strategies to enable you to read your Bible more effectively.  Don’t miss out on this series!

  1. The Honor Challenge – J.D. King
  2. Cultures in Conflict – Mark Pederson
  3. Individual Versus Group Identity – Tom Trout
  4. What I’ve Learned About Biblical Culture – Interview with Steve Gray
  5. Rediscovering Grace – J.D. King
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