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The Revival Network’s primary function is to empower pastors and leaders to create a Kingdom atmosphere in their churches and communities.  Whether you are "in the ministry" or not, each level of membership has been uniquely designed to provide support and assistance. Determine which level will best enable you to find your destiny in the advancing Kingdom of God.

People like you receive numerous benefits including these:

Accreditation through our Revival Training Center or our Self-Paced 1 year ministry certification course. Members receive discounts.

Spiritual Covering is offered by our Revival Network staff. We are ready to offer support through Biblical counsel and prayer.

Biblical Training is available to Congregational Affiliate churches. We are available to travel to your church to preach, teach, or train at your request. The staff at The Revival Network is trained to speak into many areas of ministry: Marriages, Family, Leadership development, prayer, counseling, and much more. Simply call our offices or fill out the "Contact Us" form. The link is in the footer menu.

Church Evaluation is an option you may choose. A comprehensive Ministry Analysis Tool, specifically developed for The Revival Network, will give you an unbiased view of your church and ministry. Discounts are available for members.

Countless Tools and Resources are available to you as a member of The Revival Network. We hold conferences and workshops each year designed to enhance your life and ministry. Sign up today!

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