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The Revival Network and Training Center is an association of leaders and ministries that are working to fulfill the Church's mission in the earth. We are doing this by engaging, inspiring and providing resources. Simply put, together we are a movement of revival leaders.


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Our History



On March 24, 1996, the Spirit of God swept into the humble congregation. One member wrote, "I can’t explain what happened but something very supernatural took place. God walked in and we felt His presence. The entire church ran to the altar and started leaping, dancing and praising God with all that was within us."

Pastor Steve Gray and the congregation found themselves thrust into an internationally recognized movement. In the years that followed, visitors from fifty states and over seventy nations came to worship in the revival. The explosive meetings captured the attention of Newsweek, Time Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and numerous Christian publications.

After almost 1,100 services, the congregation found itself in a quandary due to a lack of room. The demand of the world at their doorstep for a move of God caused the church to soon outgrow its facilities. With crowds from 50 states and 70 nations descending on the town of 532, it soon became clear that the Outpouring needed more room. Almost 70 families left loved ones, jobs and homes for the first time in history, to move to another city to follow the fire.

In June 2000, the Lord miraculously opened the doors to build an 900-seat sanctuary on 63 spacious acres in Kansas City. During the hottest summer and coldest winter of Kansas City’s history, the church temporarily met in a tent. The first services in the new sanctuary, completed in under six months, began on January 5, 2001.

By the Lord’s hand, a humble rural congregation was transformed into a world changing ministry. Perhaps the prophet Zechariah said it best when he wrote, "Whoever has despised the day of small things shall rejoice, and shall see..."


Our Staff

  • Steve Gray

    Pastor Steve Gray


    Steve Gray is a leading voice in revival worldwide. As an author, pastor, and screenwriter/producer, Steve's messages and ministry are helping people around the world encounter God in new and powerful ways. Pastor Steve Gray has a B.M.E. degree from Central Missouri State University, an honorary doctorate of Theology from Cornerstone of Faith Christian College and Theological Seminary, and over 30 years of full-time ministry experience.

    Pastor Steve Gray translates his 30+ years of ministry experience and life-changing messages into powerful lessons for the students of The Revival Network and Training Center. The results are fully equipped, anointed, fearless, and powerful ministers for God.
  • Kathy Gray

    Pastor Kathy Gray

    Pastor Kathy Gray, a major female voice of revival to this generation is well-known for her life of faith, fire and freedom, and her powerful Spirit-filled ministry. Students will be enriched by Kathy’s ability to teach practical ministry principles that are essential foundations for every successful Christian. Plus, they will receive an impartation of faith and freedom that will equip them to become powerful believers. She has over 31 years experience in the ministry and is an accomplished speaker and author. Pastor Kathy Gray has a B.S. degree in Education from Central Missouri State University.
  • J. D. King

    Pastor JD King

    Academic Advisor

    You will enjoy listening to J.D. King, as he makes revival history come alive! He will challenge you to walk in the footsteps of the early pioneers of our faith. As you begin to establish roots, he will also guide you in establishing doctrinal truth through the Word of God. It is in J.D.’s heart to guide you into effective 21st-century ministry. He has been active in the ministry since the age of 17 and is an accomplished Bible teacher as well as recognized authority on the subject of American Revival History.
  • Aaron Lage

    Aaron Lage

    International Director

    Pastor Aaron Lage serves as the Director of The Revival Network and enjoys connecting with pastors and ministry leaders from around the world. He has also been teaching at the Revival Training Center for several years and serves as the school administrator, as well as a pastor at World Revival Church.