The night that changed everything!

On March 24, 1996, the Spirit of God swept into the humble congregation. One member wrote, "I can’t explain what happened but something very supernatural took place. God walked in and we felt His presence. The entire church ran to the altar and started leaping, dancing and praising God with all that was within us."

The Revival Network was Formed

Once Pastor Steve Gray and his church experienced revival, he knew he wanted to help other Pastors and Leaders fight for revival, so The Revival Network was formed. The Revival Network’s primary function is to empower pastors and leaders to create a Kingdom atmosphere in their churches and communities.

Training future generations

Once the network was formed, we decided to expand again and open Revival Training Center. Our mission is to train leaders and disciples of Jesus who are passionately pursuing the Kingdom of God for revival in their generation. Students are welcomed into a like-minded community while receiving hands-on ministry opportunities and a strong biblical education. They learn from our experienced leaders of revival how to flow in the Holy Spirit, walk a powerful life of faith and minister revival to those around them. 

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